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Loan Mod. &Short Sale 6.0

The Industry's undisputed leader. SX3 offers HAMP & HAFA guidelines, FDIC Net Present Value (NPV) pre-qualifier, HUD-1 generation. Attorney time tracking, billing and more. This software provides all the tools to negotiate from a professional perspective.

Powerful, user friendly, dependable and adaptable application. For small companies to large corporations.

Credit Repair 3.2

First business class Credit Repair software to offer Dispute Wizard and Dispute Assist. Software automatically import credit reports into customers files, itemizing derogatory items, automatically generates dispute letters with unique content and provides automatic case follow up and email campaigns.

Online access for your Clients and Affiliates to track their cases and more.

Debt Settlement 3.1

The most complete and easy to use Debt Settlement software available.

Lead management, Negotiations, Emails, Customers online tracking, professional quotes, contracts, e-signature, unlimited debt settlement programs and more.



Electronic signatures for a

small flat fee per month.



SX3 Advantages

Store your database on your own server.

Download & install your license in minutes, the same day!

Professional Tech Support via Telephone, Email and Live Chat.

Staffed Company with Clients worldwide.


HAMP Pre-Qualifier 2.1
Created as a subset of our Loan Mod. Software; this product is intended for Attorney Offices, Document Preparers and Loan Modification Companies who want to provide a Loan Mod. in a Box, providing the professional service of Pre-Qualifying Clients under the Home Affordable Mortgage Program.




SX3 Credit Repair 3.2 automatically imports Credit Reports into Customers files.

This revolutionary feature allows you to import your Clients Credit Reports with one single click!


SX3 Credit Repair 3.0 offers automatic Dispute Letter Generation.

This proprietary technology offers the automatic generation of dispute letters with one click.


SX3 LM 5.1 offers HAMP + FDIC NPV Model for Homeowners Automatic Qualification!

The new interview process of the Loan Modification software has all the Government's HAMP Guidelines and the FDIC Net Present Value (NPV) Model used by most Lenders to Qualify Loan Modifications and Short Sales.


SX3 DS 3.0 includes macros with formatted payment schedule!

Insert the a bookmark in your existing word document and it will populate the payment schedule, including enrollment, setup and processing fees as well as accrued savings.


SX3 DS 2.0 can now pull Pre-Leads directly into the interview process.

Simply enter your mailer's reference number and matching records are displayed in a selection window.


SX3 LM 4.0 completed test with 10 million records.

The new version of SX3 Loan Mod. 4.0 successfully completed its 10 million cases test. This version is available for release.


Other Industries:

SX3 Digital Signage v3.0

For over 9 years, our digital signage platform has offered a complete A to Z solution for In Store Advertisement. Contact us to receive more information about our set of application for this industry.

Call for details:

Toll free: 1-888-940-8084 x 201

SX3 SugarCane 15.2

The Industry Standard

For over 12 years, our Agricultural Division has maintained the best selling Sugar Cane Management software available.

More Farmers around the world trust their grows to SX3 Sugar Cane than any other solution.

Call for details:

Toll free: 1-888-940-8084 x 201

Custom Software Development

The Engine Behind your Business

Our team of software Engineers specializes in understanding your needs and building custom software solutions for your business.

We work hard for your complete satisfaction exercising smart and agile software development that will transform your project into a huge success.


Website Replication and Back Office solution

Don't just get leads, manage them!

Recently added to our lineup of applications. We offer a unique website replication platform that includes lead management, events calendar, presentations and more.

Call for details:

Toll free: 1-888-940-8084 x 201

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